Ezy-Glide Product Warranty

For All Ezy-Glide Steering Products & Accessories

Ezy-Glide, Inc. warrants these products for one year from purchase date
(three year warranty for all hydraulic systems) against defective material or workmanship (abuse, accident, improper use, or use outside of specifications not included). Tampering and/or redesign for various reasons, including purpose to install cable not designed or tested for use in these steering systems, will also void this warranty. Ezy-Glide, Inc. will at its option repair, replace, or issue credit for items found defective within one year of date of purchase, provided:

  • The product shipped prepaid;
  • Inspection by Ezy-Glide, Inc. determined that the product is defective, without evidence of abuse, improper use, or accident.

No warranty applies to a product’s fitness for specific application.  It will be so stated when a product is generally suited for an application.  However, since we control neither specific applications not specific use, we warranty nothing beyond specifications per print.

Ezy-Glide, Inc. products meet or exceed NMMA/ABYC standards.