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It's a crying shame to have to break off an expensive lure just 10 feet below the boat! This can make even the best fisherman a little timid when throwing deep running crank bait into heavy cover. Well, fear no more! The Stumpmaster® is the friend you've been waiting for! The telescopic feature is a design by fishermen that know first-hand how expensive losing lures can be!

The Stumpmaster® telescopic lure retriever is constructed of aluminum tubing with four-jointed fabrication for balance and easy extension and retraction. Independent cam locking at each joint allows intermediate extension to any position up to 15'.  The Stumpmaster® lure retriever pays for itself by un-hanging lures in depths up to 15'.  The telescopic design allows easy storage after use.

To free a lure: simply engage the line into the tip of the retriever and extend the pole to the desired length. Hold a tight line with the tip engaged and it will follow the line to the hung lure. A light tap will usually free the lure.

Extended reach:  15 feet  
Retracted length:  55 inches

Stumpmaster® Warranty Policy: Ezy-glide, Inc. warrants this product for the period of ninety days from purchase date against defective material or workmanship (but not against damage caused by accident or improper use). Bent poles are not considered for warranty. We will repair or replace this item if found to be defective within the warranty period, provided that the product is shipped pre-paid to Ezy-glide, Inc.

U.S. Patent no. 4,508,467. Other patents pending.