Hydraulic Accessories


Ezy-Mount Aluminum Mount Pad (EZM-14)

Designed to mount the helm of Ezy-Glide Hydraulic systems. Mount Pad Cover is approximately 6" high, 8.25" deep, and 6.5" wide. Internal helm pump mount is approximately 5.5" high, 6" wide, 4" from front to center plate and 3" from back to center plate.  Helm pump opening is approximately 4".

Quicker Turning Ratio = Faster Response & Shorter Travel Distance

Hydra-Mount Custom
Fiberglass Mount Pad (HYM-12)

Designed for mounting the helm of Ezy-Glide Hydraulics systems. This mount pad is used in fiberglass boat applications. The dimensions are standard to fit most applications.

HydraGlide Hydraulic Fluid (HF2)

We recommend Hydra-Glide™ Hydraulic Steering Fluid for use in your Ezy-Glide Hydraulic Marine Steering Systems. Hydra-Glide™ Hydraulic Steering Fluid by Ezy-Glide is a high quality, low viscosity, anti-wear hydraulic oil specially developed for use in industrial and mobile equipment.  It has a very high viscosity index and a low pour point. Hydra-Glide™ Hydraulic Steering Fluid may be used in hydraulic systems where the equipment manufacturer specifies a MIL-H 5606 type fluid. It is not recommended for aircraft use.